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Stream to your Roku

Are you live streaming our church service? Do you have a Roku hooked up to your TV? Did you know you can stream our church service to your TV for free?

One of the "channels" provided with every Roku device is the YouTube channel.  If it's not already added to your Roku list, add it like you would any other channel.  You need to have a (free) YouTube account--and typing your email and password in via your TV Remote can be cumbersome so I suggest getting the Roku Remote app for your phone (they have both Android and iPhone versions).  This lets you pull up a mini keyboard on your phone so you can type easier.

Once your YouTube channel is added to Roku, pull it up and go to the Search area.  Type in "Beaverton SDA" or "Beaverton Church" (or even a partial of that) and select our live-streaming service from the search result list.

I would suggest subscribing to the Beaverton Church YouTube channel to make it easier to get back to it next Sabbath.

Welcome to Beaverton SDA Church on your TV!