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Beaverton Church Media Team

The media team at Beaverton SDA Church strives to provide a seamless audio and visual experience to enhance the services in the main sanctuary for its congregation. In order to do this, we utilize high quality equipment, provide training to the staff, and adjust configurations based on feedback. This page provides information for speakers and song leaders and others that have audio/visual needs or questions. We hope this information is useful and increases the blessing we pray will be received.


Communicating with the media team a list of needs and materials several days before an event is the single most important factor to ensuring a smooth and successful service that can be enjoyed by everyone. While last-minute changes are sometimes unavoidable, pre-planning for a service is vital. When we are presented with videos, pictures, PowerPoint presentations, or even whole laptop computers at the last minute and are expected to just "make it work," the potential for errors or incompatible equipment and/or file formats is virtually unavoidable--and stress levels escalate.

The best method of communication is by using one or more of the Media Team Email Addresses listed here. Our staff are volunteers and are on a rotational basis with scheduling changes made as needed to accommodate personal needs and absences. By using these addresses, everyone on that team will get a copy of your request and the appropriate person for the event date(s) will respond. Once the initial contact is made, more direct communication may be appropriate depending on the complexity of the service and the parties involved.


The audio needs can range from a simple microphone for a guest speaker to a range of stands, mics, monitor speakers, amplified guitars, and more when a musical group performs. The larger the group, the more complex the setup in order to pick up the sounds and transmit it to other parts of the building, record the service, or provide our live-streaming audience the full auditory experience.




The visuals are displayed in widescreen format (16:9 ratio) on the front and rear screens and to the large monitor over the center doors in the foyer from a single Windows computer using the church presentation software, Proclaim. This software is built with several features specifically for church presentations that simplify the display of announcements, sermon notes, Bible texts, and song lyrics.The following sections describe the various types of visual items and the issues you need to understand for each. 




Our second Sabbath worship service is always live streamed.  Here are some things you should know.