> >New Sabbath Morning - Beginning Nov 13

New Sabbath Morning - Beginning Nov 13

Our Sabbath morning schedule is adjusting!

Beginning November 13, 2021, our new Sabbath morning schedule will be:

  • 9:15a     Early Welcome, Doors Open
  • 9:30a     Worship Begins
  • 10:45a   Worship Closes
  • 10:46a   Fellowship Time
  • 11:00a   Sabbath Schools Open
  • 12:00n   Sabbath  Schools  Close


For a full explanation concerning this change you should listen to Pastor Rodney's Sabbath sermon from October 23, "The Way Forward".  But here it is in very simple terms: 

  1. To foster and promote church family relationships
  2.  Our average attendance allows for a single service, we should really come together.
  3. Moving to a single Sabbath morning worship service is unifying.
  4. Our many, many, volunteers that remain and serve us on Sabbath morning are better cared for by going to a single worship service. 

Thank you for your willingness to adapt and navigate change.  


--Pastor Rodney Payne II